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v<3lentines...there's love in the air...

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Happy valentines everyone. It's a great day! Unfortunately, however, it decided to snow in State College all day. We sorta get used to it though, since it snows practically every day here.

Anyway, found some cool links and have some good songs to download and put you in a good mood. Check 'em out.

Rotating mask illusion. Crazy!

Amazing. College guys who have a lot of time on their hands=crazy drinking contraptions.

So, did anyone watch the PBS series Ghostwriter when they were younger? I forget when it was on, maybe different for everybody, but around my town i think it was Sunday evenings. An hour long show about a bunch of multicultural kids from New York City who solve crimes with the help of an invisible-ghostlike helper who can read words. Yes...bizzare. Anyway...anyone watching the Philly Real World season on MTV might recognize Willy as Hector from Ghostwriter. Crazy. Just when you wonder what happened to stars from your younger years, you realize that your life is more interesting than theirs at this moment.

Cool Real World link about the houses they live in.

Wanna be on Real World?

And here's reality tv for moms who like to get wasted. odd? yes.

5 songs to play for your valentine:

Jets to Brazil - Sweet Avenue
Azure Ray - New Resolution
Pantera - This Love
John Mayer - Your Body Is a Wonderland
The Cure - Love Song

If you've got a valentine...enjoy these tunes with them. If not, burn them to a cd and find a valentine and give it to them. They'll appreciate it. No matter what...enjoy the holiday! It's my favorite. Love is in the air... <3

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