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Well, the summer is going fast and a lot has happened. Party last night at home for Amanda's Graduation (congrats!). Been at the beach the last three weekends and I'll be there again next weekend. I really can't stay away and am so glad I'm almost graduated so I can live closer to water.

Art's Fest is coming up in State College. Probably the most fun event of the summer up there (a close second is Wing Fest). Basically, they turn the Penn State campus into a huge art fair with everything from sandal makers to furniture to photography to mobiles to sculptures to... You can find anything art related in State College during this week. It runs from Wednesday, July 13 to Sunday, July 17. They also have all kinds of live music all over the town for free. Also, there's tons of good, cheap food and little vendors selling all kinds of stuff. All in all, it's a really good time and we party hard at night (and ALL weekend). Let me know if you'll be in the area and we'll grab a beer somewhere. Also, on the last day, Sunday, there is a 5K/10K race through campus that I'm going to run. Let me know if anyone is in shape and interested in running with me! Check the links for more info.

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neat google thing.
funny videos.
big things.



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At home for my brother's graduation. Just figured I'd post some links. I have TONS of pictures that will be posted this week. Enjoy.

New White Stripes CD, Get Behind Me Satan, is amazing, to say the least.

Must downloads:

White Moon
Take, Take, Take
The Denial Twist

All their songs pretty much rock though, especially the older stuff. All around great band. But what about this marriage strangefest?

Pink is definitely the new blog. I'm addicted to this.

Crazy turntable magic.

Wrecked Exotics.

Jet plane racing a Porsche 996 racing a Yamaha R1. Bad ass.

If you are hunting a lion, you deserve this. Crazy.

Crazy foos shots.

Dukes of Hazzard city style. Anyone know what city this is?

Need concert tickets and want awesome seats? This site.

Bored? This site is kinda fun.

Enjoy this randomness. Lil' El June Mixtape out in the next week. Good stuff like we do. Peace.

funny shit.


bird moonwalking
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Rosie O'Donnell retarded
clips. Funny shit.
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Guy dancing

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good celeb gossip.
more good celeb gossip.
there's good shit going on now. another is necessary.

good mp3 downloads.

get a job.

Penn State Daily Jolt.

a cool music blog named after a wonderful movie.

GTI on fire?
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Keenan does a good Bill Cosby and Will Ferrell is still funny as shit: here.
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