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Lil' El June 2007 'La La' Mixtape


Lil' El June 2007
'La La'

1. Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing
2. Yung Joc – Bottles Poppin’
3. Obie Trice – Stay Bout It ft. Olivia & Stat Quo
4. Nip Swag – All Day ft. Bullys Wit Fullys & Deltrice
5. Lil’ Wayne – La La La La
6. Tony Touch – We Run New York ft. Tru Life, Lumidee, & Joell Ortiz
7. Kia Shine – Krispy Remix ft. Mistah F.A.B.
8. MC Lyte – Cold Rock a Party Bad Boy Remix ft. P. Diddy & Missy Elliott
9. Frontline – The Truth
10. Kid Sister – Pro Nails Remix ft. Kanye West
11. Fabolous – Brooklyn ft. Jay-Z & Uncle Murda
12. CRS – Us Placers
13. The Cataracts – Blueberry Afghani ft. The Pack
14. Lil’ Bit – Sex With My Ex ft. Yung Joc & Jim Jones
15. Tabi Bonney – Top
16. AM Kidd – Idiot
17. Dem 44 Boyz – Fa Sho ft. Ant Figgs & Slim Black
18. Twista – Give it Up ft. Pharrell
19. Dizzee Rascal – Where’s Da G’s ft. UGK
20. Federation – College Girl
21. Wale – Freaks Bird Peterson Remix
22. Trackmobb Click – Shut Da Block Down ft. Lil’ 3
23. Swizz Beats – Money in the Bank
24. Q-Ball – Ain’t Stoppin Nothin
25. Lil’ Wayne – I Feel Like Dying

Download here.

My Beckham Video


Check dat out.


Pics to come...

New Phone, New Quotes


"they are playing the lyrics of ms new booty with the music of the safety dance. could i make this up?"

"i'm watching apocalypto. Insax for loincloths!"

"when do you think ghostwriter and square one will come out on dvd?"

"why are they called firetrucks? shouldn't they be called watertrucks? or watermobiles maybe?"

"i like to play some games with the local women that come to the baseball games. the first one is 'shirt or dress?' and the second one is 'pregnant or just fat?'"

"i like to think that they're all winners but the truth is that no one can win these games."

"we've developed a game for the men as well. it's called 'pregnant, fat, or santa?'"

"text him the pic of ducky kitty with no words explaining it. if he sends back a text of ha ha's then call him and tell him about your love child with that circus fellow. that will definitely be the least awkward phone convo ever."

"gotta love the brothas basically disrupting traffic to wave at us."

"omfg! he's the one celebrity i actually want to meet! i think i might start writing letters to him."

"who the shit is kingsley zissou?"
response: "life aquatic, son! get in tha know!"

"it's days like today i wish i were a transvestite."

This Lady Gets It Done Like None Other


more funny texts


"your text was disjointed and poorly written. welcome to the city."

"is 'my perogative' a britney spears song. because if it is there is a guy singing and another guy beat boxing to the song at a bar in bmore."

"dude. i really like XXX. i hate that its impossible for us to be together but this beat boxer is making me forget all that."

"mick o'shea's. i think its a jewish pub..."

"he sounds hot. or at least successful... is that the same thing?"

"XXX sends her love from gracetons."

"when driving truck with trailer. hold wheel at bottom and turn towards which way to go?"

"now that rog has the most annoying ringtone i would really like the tone of a clip of dumb and dumber. think you could help me out?"

"roger says you have babar! bitch!"

"thanks again for the chemical burn. it really made my day. i hope you learned liquid nitrogen is not a toy."

"what are your thoughts on me discing my bottom lip?"

"i think i should put a disc in my bottom lip to stretch it out. its the next big fad like belly button rings or pet marmosets."

"can we teach kaya how to jump rope?" (dog)

"and eye, iya, iya, will always love you. jen is having me watch bodyguard. apparently its part of the passage to being an actual girl."

"if we go skydiving and get tattoos we are also going to have to plan a bungee jumping trip. you down charlie brown?"

"if you get glitter on you prepare to have it on you forever. because glitter is the herpes of craft supplies."

"what? i con't tolk now. i'm drunking."

"i never understood the movie twister. wouldn't those little balls of information come back to the ground and be useless? gravity? heard of it?"

good stuff.

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