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And finally, some songs!


Been busy lately looking for a job for after graduation and starting my last semester and all. Went camping over the weekend with one of my classes. Thought I'd post some mp3s for ya'll. I finally figured out how to use my PSU webspace to store mp3s so all you have to do from now on is right click "save target as..." or whatever and save the song. Enjoy.

First, someone asked me to post this about a month ago, so here it is.

Bossman - Untouchable

Right now I am loving Funeral For a Friend and they are nonstop in the ipod. I just wanted to share my favorite song of theirs that has been in my head like crazy lately.

Funeral For a Friend - This Year's Most Open Heartbreak



On campus today so I can't post any mp3's but I was checking out the news and apparently there was a massive plot to kill 50 Cent by Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff because of 50 revealing 'Preme's criminal past in his songs. Odd...

Check it out here.

The lyrics are here and here.


Be back soon...


I know not much has been happening lately, but I will be back soon. So much going on at the beginning of the semester and I just started a new job. In the meantime...


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