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Monday Monday, So Good to Me


Two songs that I have really been enjoying lately.

Rihanna - SOS (Rescue Me)


DJ Khaled ft. Lil' Wayne, Birdman, Paul Wall, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, & Pitbull - Holla at Me Baby

Enjoy. I'll be updating much more often with more hot tracks to come.


Update on Me


Pics from the Smithsonian. Washington, DC. February, 2006.

I know I haven't really been posting much, or at all lately but a lot has happened in the last two and a half months.

John and I graduated from Penn State in December, him with a bachelors in Landscape Contracting - Design and me with a bachelors in Biology.

Moved back into my parent's house after graduation.

Applied for jobs like crazy (no, really, I applied for like 200).

Went on a few interviews.

Moved to house in a small beach town about a half hour south of Annapolis in Calvert Co. Maryland with John.

He started work in landscape design and sales for Denison Landscaping at the beginning of February.

I still wasn't working and just worked out and read a lot.

I got my job and am now working as a resequencing biotechnologist for the J. Craig Venter Institute.

Hoping to start classes for a graduate degree in Biotechnology in a few months at Johns Hopkins.

So that's where I am right now. That's why I haven't posted as much. I've still been finding some good music lately and will post it more often when I start getting used to waking up at 5 am and my hour and fifteen minute drive to work.

For now enjoy my favorite song of the moment.

Tech N9ne - Imma Tell

Conan makes me laugh.


That is awesome. Read more here.

I Moved...


I have moved out of my parent's house (after moving back in for a month after graduation) and am now living in southern Maryland in a small beach town about half an hour from DC. I took this photo on the boardwalk two blocks from my house. Enjoy the pic for now and I'll be back at this soon. Peace.

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