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It is a Good Day


Ok so today is my last day at the Venter Institute. I start my job for the ACCSP (part of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission) in DC on Tuesday. Life will be grand once I start that job. Getting me one step closer to working on a boat all day catching fish and doing research. Instead of battling rush hour traffic for 3 hours a day, I get on the bus a block from my house and get dropped off a block from my job. How crazy is the location? Yeah, that's right, three blocks from the White House.

Anyway, I have a new mixtape coming next week and it's fire. But in the meantime, I have discovered a bad ass cd that I had to share with you. The new Gomez is a mix between Phish and Weezer and has some amazing guitars and vocals. Check it out. I'll post a track or two tonight.

Have a safe holiday. I'll be at the beach crabbing, fishing, and relaxing with John. Can't wait!

Download here.

Ahhh....more photos.


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