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Playing with You Tube


Fort McHenry.

The Leprechaun.

Gumball 3000.

Like the photos? Prints available. Email me.

Took this photo in Inner Harbor, Baltimore this weekend behind the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Well, along with posting some new tracks, I would like to take this time to remind everyone that tonight is the season 3 premiere of my favorite show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Check it out on A&E at 9 PM. Catch two classic episodes at 8 and 8:30. Yeah, I've seen them all like 20 times each. No lie.

Also, tomorrow night is the season premiere of South Park and since it only takes them 6 days to put together an episode, it should be awesome to see what they do to Isaac Hayes and his Scientology-ridiculous ass. Good times. Check out the episode making fun of his lame, cult-like religion here.

Okay, here are some tunes I'm currently rocking out to.

JR Writer - It's Magic
I think it's older, but it's new to me so i'm happy.

Kanye ft. Twista, Keyshia Cole, & BJ - Impossible
For the soundtrack of the new Mission Impossible III with another cult lover, Tom Cruise.

The Raconteurs - Steady as She Goes
The White Stripes are my favorite band. This is Jack White and amazing artist Brendan Benson's new band. Imagine White Stripes with more than just a guitarist/singer and a drummer. It's the amazing songwriting with a full band. Bad ass. Can't wait to hear the whole CD.

IPod Game


THE RULES: Open your iPod in iTunes and answer the following. Answer, no matter how embarrassing it is.

How many songs?

Sort By Artist
First artist: !!! - Pardon My Freedom
Last artist: The Zutons - Pressure Point

Sort By Song Title
First Song: Jay-Z - '03 Bonnie & Clyde
Last Song: Kernkraft 4000 - Zombie Nation Remix

Sort By Time
Shortest Song: (0:50) White Stripes - Little Room
Longest Song: (30:16) DJ Ayres - To Sweden With Love

Sort By Album
First Album: 'Decade' Disk 2 - Neil Young - Old Man
Last Album: Zone 4 Remix - Gwen Stefani - Luxorious Remix ft. Ludacris

First song that comes up on shuffle:
50 Cent - God Gave Me Style

Most Played Song:
Tie between Kanye West - Golddigger & The Kleptones - Jayout

Good stuff.

Now for the real good good. I feel like there's been a drum roll going forever for this. JR Writer's Writer's Block III is finally out. Cop here.

Two tracks I'm really feelin.

JR Writer - It's Ova

JR Writer - Pimp Talk ft. Razah

Sunny Music For Sunny Days


With weather like this some essential tunes come to mind. Enjoy and most of all, enjoy this weather!

Jack Johnson - Good People

Citizen Cope - Sun's Gonna Rise

Sublime - Pawn Shop

More to come tomorrow...

It's Getting Real Nice


So the weather is turning nice. My windows are rolled down. It feels good. Enjoy these Games.

Game ft. K-Fed - 360
Not really featuring K-Fed, he only has one line.

Game ft. Kanye & Ludacris - Whole City

Game ft. Dipset - This is That

Out enjoying the weather.

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