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kick me down...

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I love Fridays...what would the week be without them?

Anyway...it's THON weekend here at Penn State so I must say check out the THON website and donate some money to help kids.

Isn't Jon Stewart the shit? Check out the Daily Show website. Good stuff. Of course, my favorite is Lewis Black and his Back in Black segment.

Yeah, so they still make pump shoes. People like them?

My uncle happened to write a really sweet article for a website and my sister sent it to me so i thought i would post it on here. Check it out. Mothering magazine?

So you know how the whole Janet Jackson boob incident happened last year and ever since no one has been able to get away with anything on TV? Well kids, if you want to see all the bad stuff you shouldn't see, the anti-violence/sex/anything fun on tv group Parent's Television Council has compiled all the video tapes in one location. Just so you can get everything you "shouldn't" be seeing in one place. Good stuff. Really, you can go on this site and hear, read, and see everything you...shouldn't...see/hear/read? I'm confused...

Just wanted to let you know how bad ass Dale Earnhardt's new car is compared to his old one. Number 8 for those who don't know...

Well, lots of work to do this weekend so I might be posting sometime. In the meantime...download some music...(il)legally of course! :)

Top 5 for today:

Young Buck - Thou Shall
Notorious BIG - Notorious Thugs
Handsome Boy Modeling School - I've Been Thinking
Jamiroquai - Canned Heat (so you can dance like Napolean)
Long Beach Dub All-Stars - Kick Down

'kick down is what they talk bout today, you're in my arena but you don't wanna play, it's how you move and not what you say, when the cat's away the mice will play'


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