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Spring is Finally Here

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Well the weather's beautiful...my mood's just not exactly the same.

Went to see Maroon 5 last night at the ol' BJC which unfortunately caused me to miss out on Matt Pond PA at the Crowbar. Oh, well, it was a good show. Got there a little late...totally missed the Donnas opening (insert sarcastic 'oh darn'). I've seen them before and they really didn't entertain me enough to want to see them again. We were about 3 songs late for Maroon 5, I guess 3 songs because they only have 12 ...how long can that concert really be? I made Jane (my sister) a kick ass shirt that said "Adam Levine Sings Songs About Me" in the Maroon 5 font.

Anyway, when we (7 females under the strong influence of Bankers' Club) got there whoever was leading us to our seats took us a section above where we were supposed to be. Nosebleeds. Wasn't bad though, we took advantage of it. The show just wasn't as energetic as I am used to except when they played the songs from the radio so everyone could sing along.

The best part of the concert and what made it a good time was the final song, a cover of AC/DCs Highway to Hell in which their drummer, Ryan Dusick, came on stage and took over lead singer/backup guitar while Adam Levine, the lead singer, took over on drums. The lead guitarist James Valentine jammed out some crazy electric solos while running around the entire floor of the BJC. Bad ass. Good way to end the show.

Anyway, I haven't looked at my pics yet but will tonight and they'll be posted sometime in the next 24 hours. For a $10 concert (my ticket was free) it met all expectations.

Putting together a mixtape just for friends and stuff. It's nothing too fancy, just some beats to make you dance. Let me know if anyone wants one. It's in the progress.

Just gonna post some links and stuff today. Not really in the mood for much more. Enjoy the spring weather, though. Living in State College really makes you appreciate this season.

I can't believe this shit. How does Korn have anything to do with 50 Cent. Read the whole article and I'm still confused.

Today is voting day for USG President and Vice President. Pretty much pointless, but something to do. They really don't accomplish anything while in office. I love the slogans and how serious these people take it. "Foulke 'N A" ? "Trust your Family Guys"? The family guys have a car driving around campus all day blaring the Family Guy theme song with posters all over it. These other guys (aka. no cool slogan so they won't win) have a coach bus with words written all over it calling itself the "party bus" and taking students all over class. Craziness. You never know, though, you could become USG President and end up on Survivor tearing it up.

One more thing, there's a Coaches vs. Cancer 5K on Sunday April 10 at 10 AM. I'm trying to get people to run it with me so if anyone's interested, let me know. Only 3.5 miles, about 35 min. at a moderate pace...not that bad. You even get a bunch of free stuff including a meal! Can't beat that! Check out the link for more info.

Have a good day everyone. I wish I was outside basking in the glorious sunlight.

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