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Paris Hilton is a Hack(ed)

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Classy, attractive, and intelligent.

Perfect role model for little girls everywhere.

She brings so much talent to the entertainment world.

I could go on forever...it's just so easy to make fun of someone like her, but I think South Park did a good enough job with Stupid Spoiled Whore.

Anyway, somehow Paris's T-Mobile Sidekick (she's in the commercial, too!) got hacked by someone, completely exposing her A-list address book and personal notes to the whole internet. (I thought she liked being exposed.) It's good stuff, though. This site does a great job covering the incident.

Some highlights:

Christina Aguilera 1-310-917-9191
Lil' Bow Wow boywonder@tmail.com
Sean Carter (aka Jay-Z) scarter@tmail.com
Jermaine Dupri slash72@tmail.com
Fred Durst 1-310-948-0808, fd@attwireless.blackberry.net
Eminem 1-917-776-7643
Fergie 1-323-855-9056, bepfergie@tmail.com
DJ Clue cluemanatt@trial.danger.com
Victoria Gotti 516-313-4679
Seth Green 1-323-573-0046
Nicky Hilton 1-310-926-5149
Anna Kournikova 305-206-5883
Avril Lavigne 1-613-532-4092
Adam Levine 323-384-5068, sudgee@tmail.com
Lil' Jon 678-362-6742
Lindsey Lohan 1-347-596-9990, crossheart@tmail.com
Ashley Olsen 310-760-1996
Pharrel 646-824-1999
Andy Roddick 512-228-2207
Ashlee Simpson 310-254-7114
Usher crusher@tmail.com
Vin Diesel 310-279-6312
Luke Wilson 310-903-0500

And so many more...

I could definitely find myself drinking a little and calling Ashlee Simpson and reminding her that she's got absolutely no talent.

But really, these people probably have already changed their numbers by now. My new fave DJ, Samantha Ronson, isn't too thrilled.


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