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Hey Wed.

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Dissing John Mayer on the new Common track, "Go"? That's lame.

Good tune.

2 Responses to “Hey Wed.”

  1. Blogger Ryan 

    John Mayer's barely on that track anyway, he just irks me. I saw Com talk about track and he was like, "I was in the studio and John came up with this idea and I was like, 'Am I really gonna let John Mayer tell me how I'm gonna do my shit?'" In other words, Com has respect for dude but realizes he's kinda lame too. But yeah, the track is good, video sucks the life out of it.

  2. Blogger ellen. 

    I was just saying that because John Mayer has more talent in his pinky finger than Common does all together. You can say "putting John Mayer on the track doesn't make sense because he plays such a small part," but in all reality, Common realize the talent that John has and therefore respect him for it.

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