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Back from mini vacation...

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Had an awesome weekend at the beach with my honey. Watched some Live 8 on Sat. From what I've heard from my homies who did go, it was cool but not hardcore rock and roll. Ehh...good causes are okay too. To watch video of the performances go here.

I am still shocked that one of the concerts was held in the wonderful town of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I visited there last summer for a while with my mom and Swiss cousin since they both spent a large portion of their childhood nearby and would have never expected an event like that to take place in Barrie.

Barrie Pics.

Here are some pics from the last week or so. The weekend went well. Some white trash [woman] decided to take her foot off the brake and slam on the gas behind us Friday at a stop light because her no-future daughter was jumping around in the back seat. Nice start to the weekend, right? Well, we're okay and we still made it to the beach to enjoy a nice weekend of fishing, crabbing, catching rays, and...er...drinking. We even took the little boat out to the bay on Sunday night to see the fireworks and got to watch about 10 different HUGE fireworks shows (and 20 more smaller ones). It was awesome to get away for a while. Wedding this coming weekend! Check out the pics.

What has happened to my O's? C'mon boys! Lets rally!

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  1. Blogger Chris 

    The O's shall only sink further.
    I smell a 4 game sweep by my boys, startin' tonight. :D

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